Career collageOur Colorado workforce employs over 950 people. Professional positions include Mining, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Global Supply Chain, Human Resources, Health and Safety, as well as a wide variety of trade positions. Our trade careers include Electricians, IT Technicians, Equipment Operators, Maintenance Mechanics, Draftsmen, Survey and Warehouse Technicians.

Our operations rely heavily on the dedication and expertise of our employees. We are committed to hiring people with diverse backgrounds to help build a strong foundation for our business. We value diversity in the workplace and strive to find people who share our core values including working safely, acting in a manner that is fair and respectful, instilling trust in each other and the organization and acting honestly and with integrity throughout our business. We support our employees and community by creating a safe work environment, utilizing top technology and offering competitive pay and benefits.

Our approach to attracting and retaining exceptional employees is to offer not just top notch compensation and benefits, but a culture where people can thrive and develop.  As an international mining leader, we offer opportunities in many different fields of expertise.  In addition to those skilled in engineering and metallurgy, we seek individuals qualified in other areas such as information systems, supply chain, human resources, accounting and more.

Our skilled and versatile team finds, extracts, processes and provides the raw materials that fuel and connect the world. Copper. Molybdenum. Gold. Cobalt. Oil. Gas. The elements we supply play a crucial role in delivering the technology that drives the future.

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