Communities and Sustainable Development

RockStudentsOur approach is based on the overachieving values detailed in our Principles of Business Conduct, which sets forth the global system of principles that our workforce must follow in all activities — from complying with laws and avoiding conflicts of interest to developing positive relationships in local communities. Our approach has five core areas of sustainable community development:

Education and Training — We support education initiatives and partnerships through a variety of programs, including grants, professional development opportunities for teachers, education outreach, material and resource development and distribution, and scholarships for students.

Economic Development — The backbone of a community is its economic development, which include developing strategies and initiatives to stimulate the economic health and activity of the area, while providing local citizens with opportunities to enhance their standard of living.

Environmental — Today’s mining process takes into account environmental impacts in the planning process, during operations and after mining has ended.

Health and Wellness — Safety is a top priority at Freeport-McMoRan. We also believe that attention to safety goes beyond the workplace and we are dedicated to investing in projects and programs that support community safety and healthcare, which are critical elements of any safe and sustainable community.

Cultural Heritage — The heart of a community many times can be found in its celebration of cultural heritage. We support organizations and endeavors that embrace and preserve the rich cultural heritage and historic charm of communities where we have a presence.Morencie

The natural resources we produce are critical for sustainable, healthy, energy-efficient society. To supply essential natural resources to current and future generations, we are guided by our stated business objectives, principles and policies, and we continuously improve our sustainable development programs.

To learn more about the Company’s global sustainable development initiatives, please visit and for additional information, read our Working Toward Sustainable Development report.