We value open communication with the communities where we operate.  At the foundation of everything we do is a commitment to engage in open dialogue with communities.  We seek to listen, understand, inform and build trust.

Community Partnership Panels

One way that we achieve our goal of community engagement is through Community Partnership Panels (CPP) comprised of local leaders and citizens representing a broad range of stakeholder groups across all sectors of the community, who meet with company representatives to discuss issues important to the community.

These forums are designed to identify and prioritize each community’s issues and related needs, develop strategies and actions to address the needs and discuss potential projects to carry out the actions, all with the goal of creating community collaboration that leads to success.  Additionally, the company updates Panel members on operational activities at these meetings, providing an opportunity for open discussion to address any community concerns.

In Colorado, we have three Community Partnership Panels – the Climax CPP, Clear Creek CPP and Grand County CPP.

Clear Creek Community Partnership Panel-Georgetown, CO • 2/4/15 Grand County Community Partnership Panel-Granby, CO • 2/5/15 CLIMAX-2015-8452

To learn more about the Company’s commitment to community engagement, visit www.FreeportInMyCommunity.com.